Thursday, January 01, 2015

Starting Over

Hey gang. Here's the thing... I've started a new blog.

Now, don't look at me that way. Please, this is hard enough for me. I don't know if I can handle the guilt trip in your eyes. It's not you. It's me...

It really is me. This new blog can be found over at The Confusing Middle. As of this posting, there is only one post to the site. But if you'll stick with me and this slight change of address, you'll still get a great deal of the same sort of content you've come to expect from Carp Dime.

I know that there are 60 of you who are official followers of the blog. And there are 91 people who have taken the time to click the like button on the Carp Dime Facebook page. I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate your attention and comments and likes over the years. Because I do. That being said, Carp Dime won't be going away. At least, not entirely.

You won't find the same regular content that you've found in the past. If you want to keep up with my life and the hilarious anecdotes that I like to occasionally share, then please head over to The Confusing Middle and bookmark the new address. But you can keep coming back here if you want to know my thoughts about books and movies. And if you've enjoyed my attempts at fiction in the past, this is where I'll continue to spin those yarns. No telling how often that will happen, but that's the current plan.

So stick with me. The last 10 years have been fun. The next 10 should be too.