Saturday, July 19, 2014

29th - Weird Things

Day Twenty-Nine... Five weird things that I like...

I don't know how to do this. If it's something I like, why would I think it's weird? Can I do things that other people like that I think is weird? I could probably come up with a hundred of those. But let's not mock my friends today. That's a post for another day. Let's get introspective. Or something...

  1. I like putting mayonnaise on hot dogs. People who notice that I've used that particular condiment on a hot dog will, at best, question the choice. At worst, they question my sanity. But don't worry, I often question my sanity as well. But not when it comes to mayo on the hot dog. That's just delicious.
  2. I like eating unfrosted Pop-Tarts. And I like to eat them raw. When I say raw, I really just mean untoasted. I never thought this was a strange thing until recently. In one of my previous workplaces, I was mildly persecuted for my choice of the frosting free Pop-Tart. But I ask, if it's that weird, why do they sell them in the stores? If they weren't selling, they wouldn't be on the shelves!
  3. I still like reading comic books. And if I had limitless funds, I would still be buying my favorite titles every month. I probably wouldn't save them anymore, like I once did (a blog post for another time), but I'd definitely get them and read them for the entertainment value. I'm not sure this is actually considered weird anymore. I mean, yes, I'm 34 years old and would still read comics if I had the chance. But there seems to have been a movement in recent years embracing geek culture. People are encouraged to release their inner nerd. Geeks are simply people who are passionate about the things they like. Maybe that's not weird anymore.
  4. I like being in small spaces. What's the opposite of being claustrophobic? I complained about having a small bedroom growing up. But it's mostly hyperbole. I'm in a small bedroom now, not much larger than the walk-in closet I lived in as a kid. I don't need a lot of space. I don't want a lot of space. I'm not saying that I crawl under the kitchen sink whenever I get upset, I'm not that weird. I'm just saying that I would be completely comfortable living in a small studio apartment on a long-term basis. Square footage means nothing to me.
  5. I like yelling at the moon when it can be seen during the day. It's not right for the moon to be seen against a blue sky! It belongs in the night! That's not my rule. It's God's. "And God made the two great lights--the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night--and the stars." - Genesis 1:16
Those are my weird things. I mean, the first four I don't actually think are that weird. To me, they're normal. Number five, though... that's a little out there. I mean, really, who yells at the moon?

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  1. Comic books. I'm right there with you. They're just TOOOO expensive. Wish the digital ones were about 50¢ each.