Thursday, July 10, 2014

20th - Fear

Day Twenty. My fears...

It's funny. A few months ago, after I read Divergent, then watched the movie, I thought about doing a post about the "fear landscape" featured in the story. If you haven't read the book or seen the film, the Dauntless faction have this initiation ritual known as the "fear landscape" in which initiates face their worst fears in a subconscious kind of simulation. I got to wondering what would be in my fear landscape.

Some of the characters in the book were forced to face drowning, heights, and being forced to hurt or kill a loved one. I kind of felt like my fears would be a little wimpy compared to those.

First - Clowns. Plain and simple, clowns are evil. I am literally paralyzed with fear when I see a clown in person. Maybe not literally. I have a little more self control than to completely freeze up. But I definitely get really anxious. And I don't normally get anxious over things.

Second - Talking to a girl I like. It helps that I'm generally a quiet person anyway, so it doesn't seem so weird when I'm keeping my mouth shut around a pretty girl. And if I'm working up the courage to ask her out, forget about it. Last time I made that move, it took me approximately five hours to actually pick up the phone.

Third - Snakes. If Indiana Jones can be afraid of snakes, so can I.

Fourth - Being forced to watch Batman & Robin. Did you ever see that scene from A Clockwork Orange where they pried Malcolm McDowell's eyes open for the reprogramming stuff? I think that's how they'd have to force me to watch that thing again.

Not the most impressive fear landscape, I know. But clowns. You've gotta give me coulrophobia. It's a thing. Look it up.

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