Wednesday, July 09, 2014

19th - Lust

Day Nineteen... Five items I lust after.

No exclamation point. I'm done with exclaiming things! Okay, that was the last one. For now. Five items I lust after? Is it even possible to lust after objects?

I'm not convinced... Let's give it a shot, though.
  1. Playstation 4 - I don't often play video games these days. But when I do get around to it, wouldn't it be nice to have the latest, top of the line system?
  2. An awesome digital camera - I used to really be into photography and taking awesome photographs. But the only decent camera I have is an old fashioned film camera. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to have film developed these days? I would take so many more photos if the only camera I had wasn't included with my cellular device.
  3. A library - I want to live in a place that has an extra room that's being used for nothing but storing books. Alphabetically by author, of course.
  4. IBC Cherry Limeaids - I've had other brands of cherry limeaid. They do not measure up. Not by a long shot.
  5. Five seasons of Community on DVD - Because I like to laugh.
I really don't think I "lust" after these items. Maybe I have a different idea of what the word lust means than the person who created this blog challenge does.


  1. Replies
    1. I tried to find one where Fancy Man replied with, "Yes, it is." But they all cut off with Nick's question.