Tuesday, July 08, 2014

18th - Problem

Day Eighteen! Sidebar... I'm finding it more difficult to feel the exclamation points. I used to take daily blog posts in stride. This is a lot harder than I remember it being. Anyway, today's assignment is a problem that I have had. Fitting since I seem to be having a problem coming up with appropriate words for each day's topic...

Aside from having trouble coming up with things to write about in relation this blog challenge, I'm having a hard time thinking of problems off the top of my head. So is it a problem that I can't think of any problems?

I'm not the kind of person that stresses out too often. Though, I have to admit, I do worry about some things on the rarest of occasions. When those times come around, though, the problem is usually money.

Let me state, without reservation, that I hate money. I hate the necessity for money. I hate that it has such a stranglehold on all of our lives at one time or another. But it is a necessity. Food, clothing, shelter... they all require money. Unless you happen to be the kind of person who can find yourself in the middle of nowhere and live off the land. I am not that kind of person.

I've probably said it a hundred times, I love my job. I love working with kids and I love being able to feel like I'm making a small difference in their lives. But it's not a job that pays very well.

On paper, it's enough to get by. But then you throw in snow days and summer break. When I'm not working directly with the kids at school, I'm not getting paid. Sure, it's nice to have days off. But a couple weeks later, when that paycheck hits my account, it kind of plays havoc with my ability to pay the rent.

So yeah, money can be a problem. I'm fairly certain that I'll never be the kind of guy who can claim to be wealthy. I'm okay with that. Though it would be nice to, someday, not necessarily have to wonder every couple of months if I'm gonna have enough cash to put gas in my car.

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  1. This one is a tough one, because everyone has problems and what may seem monumental to you may be not a problem at all to others. My "problem" right now is probably work/life balance. I love my job. I love what I do, but I hate that it takes 40 hours a week away from my kids. But I'm working hard to figure out a solution for this problem. Good writing prompts.