Monday, July 07, 2014

17th - Proud

Day Seventeen! Something that I'm proud of...

I'm not sure what this means. Is this supposed to be something about myself that I'm proud of? Another person that I'm proud of?

I'll keep this brief. For one thing, I'm getting a later start on this post than I'd initially planned. For another, I'm not a big fan of bragging on myself. So as far as being proud of something personal, I'm proud of the job that I do. I'm not saying I'm great at my job. I'm just saying I'm proud of the work that I'm a part of. And that pertains to both my jobs. As a counselor, I truly believe that I'm able to make small differences to effect change for the better in the lives of the kids I work with. As a part-time staffer at my church, I'm able to assist in a number of ministries, particularly those involving the children of our church.

Being proud of others comes a little easier, I think. It's not like I'm a parent who feels a swell of pride when my kids do something spectacular. It's more of a pride I have in the friends I know. I've known so many people who have done so much with their lives. They've taken great steps in faith. They've gone out on limbs and taken risks in order to improve not only their lives, but the lives of the people around them. I'm proud of so many of my friends' accomplishments. Too many to list here.

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