Sunday, June 29, 2014

9th - The Importance of Education

Day Nine! How important I think education is...

Uh... I think it's really, really important. Really.

Seriously, though. I feel like I've gone on a rant about education before. Maybe it's one of those things that I've only ranted about in my mind. Some of my thoughts about the importance of education slipped into my Day Two post, where I felt strongly about something.

If there's anything in this country that our government should be pouring money into, it's education. That's the investment we should be making in our future. But instead of increasing the funding that goes to our schools, we have this tendency to make cuts. We treat our teachers as if they're glorified babysitters instead of the valuable people who are shaping the minds of the next generation.

Is there anyone out there who can't look back at their childhood and think of at least one teacher that made a huge impact on their lives? Thanks to a very good memory, I can remember each teacher that I had from preschool to college. A handful of those teachers stand out as people I can point to who influenced the way I see the world. I may never have the chance to properly thank those men and women, so I hope I'm able to show the teachers with whom I work how much I appreciate what they do.

Education is possibly the most important gift that we are capable of giving our children. Don't take it for granted. If you're a parent reading this, do everything you can to encourage your kids to love learning. Do everything you can to let your kids' teachers know just how much you appreciate them and the job they do.

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