Saturday, June 28, 2014

8th - What You Ate Today

Day Eight! Today's menu... I'm actually gonna go with yesterday's menu. It would have made more sense if I'd followed my original plan of writing this post this morning. But I overslept and then had things to do as soon as I woke up. Believe me, I have my reasons for oversleeping. A blog post detailing those reasons is forthcoming. Be patient. 'Til then, here's what I ate yesterday...
  • 2 Pop-Tarts, strawberry, unfrosted - Yeah, I like the ones without frosting. Occasionally I'll get the frosted ones, but I've gotta be in a mood for something sweeter. Oh, and I ate them raw.
  • 2 Rice Krispies Treats and a handful of SweetTarts - These were consumed during the first half of a wedding road trip. That trip will be more fully explained in the forthcoming blog post.
  • 4 Krystals w/ cheese and French Fries - Before heading back from Greenville, SC, my traveling companions and I stopped at Krystal. It ended up being a bad idea (the details of which I'll leave out of the forthcoming blog post), but was a delicious decision at the time.
Wow... I really didn't eat much yesterday. Nor did I make very good digestive choices. Pretty sure I've done better today. Maybe not with the digestive choices, but I've definitely eaten more.

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