Friday, June 27, 2014

7th - Five Pet Peeves

Day Seven! Pet Peeves... And I have to limit myself to only five... I gotta tell ya, there are a lot of things out there that really bug the crap outta me. Actually, that sounds really negative. I'm not as negative about people's quirks as I used to be. But some pet peeves never die.
  1. People who don't use a turn signal - I mean, really. How difficult is it to hit that little lever to let the cars around you know that you're slowing down to make a turn? Sure, slamming on your brakes for no obvious reason works just as well. It's just a courtesy thing. Oh, and when you're changing lanes. I'm much more forgiving about you cutting me off in the left lane on the interstate if you gave a signal first.
  2. People who don't turn their turn signal off - I'm a man of many contradictions. While I appreciate that you gave a signal to get in front of me in the left lane on the interstate, do you really need to keep letting me know for the next 10 miles?
  3. Dogs and/or cats wearing clothes - Dogs and cats already have clothes. It's called fur. And if you're dressing your tiny chihuahua because it gets cold in your New England winter, I don't feel sorry for you or your dog. That chihuahua is meant to live in a warmer climate. You, madam, are breaking the laws of nature!
  4. People who say they'll do something but never follow through - I don't care if you don't do something. Just don't tell me you're gonna do it and then not do it. That breaks the bond of trust between us. And I'm just not sure we can get that back.
  5. My cellphone's charging abilities - Sometimes I can plug it in at night and it'll charge right up. Other times, I'll gain about 2% on the battery life by morning. There's no rhyme or reason to why it works or doesn't work. I think it's probably a sign that the machines are nearing self-awareness. We should all just start stocking our fallout shelters now.
Okay, I know you're probably looking at number 3 and (if you read a couple days ago) thinking that I am once again contradicting myself. On Day One, I had to list five ways to win my heart. Number four on that list was "Love Animals..." But if I'm hating on New England chihuahuas, doesn't that negate my request that a woman needs to love animals to win my heart? No. Because the amendment to the "Love Animals..." rule is that you do not have to love chihuahuas. They're yappy and annoying. 
But they're soooo cu-- NO! Do not fall for this!


  1. I'm completely with you on #1 and #2, but I will admit to a stage in my life where my cats probably had a bigger wardrobe than most adult males. Yes.

  2. Working at a vet clinic, my lil' bro got some of his nastiest bites from little yappers like the one pictured, in case that helps anyone not fall for the cuteness factor. (And your site isn't playing nicely with me, so "anonymous" is actually vanessa.)

  3. Oh good grief, I give up... it's almost 2am anyway, and nothing good ever happens after 2am. G'nite.