Thursday, June 26, 2014

6th - Mainstream Music

Day Six! Today's assignment: Your views on mainstream music.

I don't keep up with what the kids are listening to these days. Don't get me wrong, I like music. Love it, actually. And I'm usually willing to give anything a chance. But I'm actually not 100% sure what can be considered mainstream. If it's a general love of all things Justin Bieber or One Direction? I despise it. Okay... confession... some of the One Direction stuff gets stuck in my head. It's involuntary, but it's catchy. Same thing with an embarrassing amount of Taylor Swift. I'm never happy about it. I can happily report that Bieber never gets stuck in my head. If that ever happens, you'll know it because I will have attempted to give myself a lobotomy.

So I guess I like some mainstream music. Maybe I like a lot of mainstream music. I really don't know what's considered mainstream. I don't follow the music scene. I hear something and I either like it or I don't. I have a tendency to not listen to the radio. So I have a tendency to miss a lot of the new music that's out there. So I have a tendency to not know what the cool kids are listening to until about 6 months after the hits have come and gone. It's embarrassing, really. Not as embarrassing as getting Taylor Swift stuck in my head, but embarrassing nonetheless.

My iPod playlists have been judged by the people riding in my car. Recently, a very good friend provided me with a great deal of music that is considered good music. Probably great music. And a lot of it is new to me. Because I just don't keep up. It's nice to have friends that have their fingers on the pulse of what America is listening to. Or, at least, what the cool kids are listening to.

All that is to say, I really don't know what my views are on the mainstream music. I'm gonna plead ignorance on that one. Maybe tomorrow I won't be as ignorant.

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