Friday, May 23, 2014

Taking a Soak

You know how farms will often have a pond out in the field for the livestock to have easy access to water? I think I've heard people refer to these as cattle tanks. I could be wrong about that. I know very little about raising cattle. I don't know the different classifications. I'm sure there's some way to know the difference between a cow and a heifer, but I don't know it. Please excuse my ignorance when I refer to all of these four-legged critters as cows. The following is simply what happens when I let my mind wander.

Each day as I drive to and from work, I pass by several farms. One of these has a pond pretty close to the road. On occasion, I'll notice that there are several cows standing in the water, just chillin'. I imagine that it's sort of like when humans hang out in a hot tub or something. Except I imagine these cows as gossipy women. And one of them is the leader, doing all the talking, while the others just nod and mutter quiet agreements.

Cow 1: "Did you see the way Gertrude was shamelessly flirting with that bull across the road?"

Cow 2: "Mmmhmm."

Cow 1: "Someone should break it to her that he was castrated last week... shhh... here she comes. Hey, Gertrude! How you doin', girl? Did you cut dandelions out of your diet? It shows! Wanna join us for a soak? No? Okay, we'll see you later!"

Gertrude walks on, then Cow 1 lowers her voice as she turns back to her minions: "Heifer..."

Cow 2: "Mmmhmm."

I have no doubt that this is how it is on most farms. It seems to me, when I drive by these fields, the cattle are divided up into cliques. I know they don't actually talk, but it sure looks like they find a way to have their exclusive clubs.

Farmers, correct me if I'm wrong. Though I don't think I am.

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