Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Tales from Old Navy: Thank You Edition

Ladies and gentlemen of the interwebs, today will be my last day working as a regular employee at the Old Navy. I'm excited to announce that I've accepted a position at my church as the children's ministry assistant. In order to make sure that position is my priority, I've decided to leave the world of retail.

But I couldn't just leave without a proper send off. And what better way to say good-bye to my time at Old Navy than with a few thank you notes.

Thank you, Old Navy, for completely rearranging your entire product line twice a week, then scheduling me to work only once each week. This turns returning items from the fitting room into a fun game of "Where Did They Hide the Cargo Shorts Tonight?"

Thank you, last minute shoppers, for coming into the store 10 minutes before we close and bringing one of every item to the fitting room. It's great that you can spend half an hour trying all those clothes on, then decide to leave without buying a single thing. Also, it's super helpful that you left everything in a big pile on the floor.

Thanks you, illiterate customers, for walking up to the broken door and attempting to open it despite the brightly colored sign that says "DOOR BROKEN, PLEASE USE THE OTHER DOOR" in giant bold letters. Sure, the sign says it's broken, but it could just be an elaborate prank. Stay skeptical!

Thank you, disinterested parents, for bringing your small children into the store after 9pm and leaving them in the fitting room where we have coloring pages and crayons laid out for them to use. It means a lot that you don't know me or my background but feel comfortable enough using me as a free babysitter while you take your time looking through our clothes.

Finally, and on a more serious note, I want to thank my Old Navy family for two great years in a job that I honestly wasn't sure if I'd enjoy. Sure, folding clothes and returning items to the sales floor can be monotonous and redundant. But I can honestly say I enjoyed coming to work from time to time. And it wasn't just about getting hours for a decent paycheck. I've enjoyed getting to know the people I've worked with and hope that the friendships that have grown will continue past my final shift tonight. It's been great, but it's time to move on.

But this isn't a permanent good-bye. I've let the powers that be know that I'm willing to come back for holidays if needed. And, let's face it, as king of the fitting room, I will be needed. So I guess I'll see you on Black Friday, kids.

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