Monday, April 21, 2014

The Single Guy and the Last of His Kind

Photo blatantly stolen from Facebook
It finally happened. As of Friday, April 18, 2014, the Single Guy became the last of his college friends who can still really call himself single. It was on that day that Mark (who has been referred to as the Other Single Guy in the past) proposed to his girlfriend of over a year. She said yes.

So what does this mean for the Single Guy? The Charlatan got married back in September. Subway got married years ago. Even has a kid who walks and talks and acts all adorable, like she knows people are watching. And it's the same story with all the other guys the Single Guy has known since the college years. Married with children.

Should the Single Guy now feel pressured to ramp up his game and seek out, in earnest, the love of his life? Probably not. And it's a good thing, too. 'Cause the Single Guy has no game of which to speak.

He currently has no plan to pull a Ted Mosby and declare that, just because his best friend got engaged that he needs to go out right now and find the mother of his children. That's ridiculous. Besides, that story was all about Robin, anyway. The Single Guy doesn't want to meet Robin. But he's not ready to meet the Mother either.

That being said, it does feel a little strange to be the only single person left in a group of couples. When these friends all get together, the Single Guy is obviously the odd man out. He doesn't really mind being the fifth wheel and no one really makes him feel that way. But he can't help but admit that, sometimes anyway, it would be nice to have someone to go for a walk with. It would be nice to have someone to ride with in a roller coaster. It would be nice to have someone that's willing to sit through an awesome sci-fi/action/comic book blockbuster.

Please, don't feel pity for the Single Guy. If those things were truly a priority for him, he would have done something about it years ago. If you want to feel sorry for the Single Guy, do it because of his complacency and his unwillingness to open his heart to new possibilities. Opening his heart is one of those things that's on his to do list. It's just not at the top.

But enough about the Single Guy and his chosen life of solitude. Congratulations to Mark and Peyton! May you enjoy a lifetime of ups and downs and everything in between!

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  1. Very sweet picture of your friends. Also, I thought the name Peyton for a girl was a very new thing. For this Peyton to be old enough to get married, I'm assuming she was one of the first. What a trendsetter.