Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thank You

I'm a big fan of Jimmy Fallon and the success he's had on late night television. I've been extremely happy with how The Tonight Show has fared since he took over. I hadn't watched the show since the network pushed Conan out. I was never a big fan of Leno and was even less so after that whole fiasco. But this post isn't about the late night talk show wars.

I'm glad that Fallon has imported a lot of his bits from Late Night. Particularly, I'm glad he's still writing his Thank You Notes. For some reason, that Friday night staple cracks me up. So I hope Mr. Fallon won't mind that I have a few thank yous of my own.
  • Thank you, Old Navy, for playing the same songs over and over each night that I work. Now I can sing along with all of One Direction's many brilliant songs.
  • Thank you, corporate powers that be, for strategically placing sporting equipment throughout the store, thereby inviting small children to treat Old Navy as a gymnasium. Nothing screams "playground" like concrete floors and tables lined with neatly folded clothes that can be easily thrown to the floor when an amateur sports star collides with them.
  • Thank you, Interstate 81 motorists, for driving 10 under the speed limit while you're in front of me, then speeding up to 15 over when I attempt to pass you. I wasn't serious about wanting to get away from your inconsistent driving abilities anyway. It's just a little joke I like to play on other people on the road.
  • Thank you, 108-year-old driver, for pulling out in front of me on my way to work this morning. Your willingness to drive 40 in a 55 all the way from Christiansburg to Floyd County gave me an extra 10 minutes to spend in my car. I'm sure it was important to use that time to fuel my road rage before going to work with several children with anger management issues.
  • Thank you, race day rain, for falling strongly as I hit the fourth mile in the 10k I ran. When sweat washed into my eyes I was reminded that the ability to see clearly while running in a crowd of people is an overrated commodity.
  • Thank you, Jimmy Fallon and NBC, for not suing me for stealing Mr. Fallon's hilariously brilliant Tonight Show bit. Seriously. Thank you.
That's all I've got for now. If my blog doesn't get shut down for breaching some sort of copyright law, maybe I'll come up with more people and things to thank in the future.

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  1. Thank you Aaron Peck for continuing to entertain us with your awesome blog!