Tuesday, January 07, 2014

34 in 58

In less than two months, I'll be celebrating yet another birthday. I know, I'm excited too. I know when it is. I know what age I'll be. The only thing I'm unsure of is how to celebrate.

Last year was pretty great. The party started at Macado's. Judge all you want, but I kind of love the place. Following dinner, the party moved to Adventure World. Skating and laser tag were enjoyed by just about everyone. It was all kinds of awesome.

So I have options for Birthday Bash '14. I could repeat last year: Macado's, skating, laser tag. But, no matter how awesome it was last year, would it be lame to do the same thing two years in a row?

A second option, which was suggested by one of my teacher friends, would be to have a karaoke night. I looked into it and the Farmhouse in Christiansburg does karaoke on Friday nights at 9. This option, of course, would need to include dinner at the Farmhouse prior to the sing-off. This would require a headcount beforehand so that reservations could be made. I haven't eaten there since I was in high school, but if memory serves, it's pretty amazing.

Option three would involve postponing the celebration until Saturday. Then, it would become an all day thing in which myself and whomever chose to participate would take a look at my previously published bucket list and attempt to cross off as many items as possible. Some of those items are quite easy (build a sandcastle, shake hands with the president, fly in a helicopter). Others would be quite difficult, nigh impossible (create a life-size Chutes and Ladders game, discover time travel, kiss a girl).

So there you have it. Three choices. Of course, there are other options. I could do nothing. But life's too short to not celebrate birthdays. I could combine one of the first two options with the third option, make it a whole weekend affair. Finally, I could just be surprised. After all, being thrown a surprise party was on the bucket list as well.

I'd like to put it to a vote, though I doubt anyone will actually participate. Seems I can't have audience participation if I ask for it. But if you're feeling so inclined, I'd love to know your opinions, so the comment section is ready and waiting. So, until next time, stay warm Carp Dimers.


  1. Maybe you could celebrate your upcoming 34th birthday at The Olive Garden in Roanoke (or if they have one in Blacksburg or nearby where you live at now), or maybe celebrate it in Bluefield with your old college buddies (if they could make it on your birthday) at The Waffle House, or you can do your karaoke party at The Farmhouse in Christiansburg!

  2. You are awesome enough to need to wait till Saturday so that an entire day can be utilized to cross off some of those bucket list items! Macado's is great, but could possibly be a set-up for "failure" if it did not turn out to be as epic as last year.
    If you are looking for an extra option, I vote that you find yourself some hockey-playing Russian bears and go see that game live. :-)
    Vanessa Tegenkamp