Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reports of My Giving Up...

...Are greatly exaggerated.

I did not quit blogging. I'm just taking a sabbatical. Not long ago, I sort of wrote about the futility of keeping this blog. I was feeling under appreciated. More than than that, I was feeling sorry for myself. It was kind of pathetic.

Several of you, including my pastor, encouraged me to continue writing. Despite my lack of regular posts lately, I was encouraged. Hard to believe with the lack of evidence.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about why I've kept this blog. I genuinely started for only myself. Somewhere along the way, I shifted my focus to how many people I was reaching.

But really, why should I be reaching anyone? I'm not writing anything with the intention of changing the world. My blog has no mission statement. I'm just doing it as a creative outlet. As reasons go, it's a pretty selfish one. It's supposed to be fun. Instead, it became work, so I stopped enjoying it.

So I'm taking a break. I'm still gonna write. I just won't post everything and won't post regularly. I'll try to get back to a regular schedule after the first of the year.

I shouldn't be disappointed when I don't have comments or even readers. Hopefully, someday soon, I'll actually convince myself of that.


  1. I'd still encourage you to port your blog over to Wordpress. I think the community there is better than blogspot/Google.

    1. Do you know if it's possible to transfer everything I've written from here to there?

    2. Aaron please do not feel like your blog is meaning less. I check it once or twice a week and enjoy reading it. I just don't comment much because I too am socially awkward. Yours has made me think about doing one of my own but I have members of my family who would read it and try to debate me about my thoughts or accuse me of playing victim or make me feel small for being ok with who I am and being "different"