Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

Ladies and gentlemen, Carp Dimers of all ages, I had different plans for today. I had fully intended to write a post about my night at work last night. Actually, I'd already written it out on paper. All I had to do was type it up and click publish. Simple, right?

Well, it would be simple if I had the notebook in which I wrote it all down. You may be asking, why doesn't he have his notebook? I left it in my car. Now, you're probably saying, just go out there and get it out of your car. It's a nice thought, really, but my car's not outside my house. She's in Floyd. She's sitting at a garage. She's all alone. She's scared. She's broken.

At approximately 3:00 this afternoon, I was on my way home from work. I was driving down a road that I drive every single day. I was keeping an eye on my speed because, due to recent rainfall throughout the day, the road was a little wet. As I was driving around a curve, my car hit one of those wet spots and began to skid.

When I realized I would not be able to straighten back out, I prepared myself for the inevitable impact with the embankment to my right. But I kept drifting. And then the center of gravity shifted. The car flipped. Then she rolled. Not once. Not twice. But three times.

As it happened, I threw my hands up in the air and braced myself against the ceiling. Looking back, it was probably a stupid move. Any number of things could have gone wrong. As it was, things turned out okay for me.

By the time it was over, Half-Pint was lying in a ditch on the side of the road. I took stock of my situation. The ceiling looked like it was caving in a little. The windshield was shattered and threatened to fall in on me. Tiny shards and slivers of glass littered my arms and hair. The rear window was gone. The front bumper was somewhere to the side.

But I could move. As far as I could tell, I had no broken bones. While I had some cuts from the glass, I had nothing deep. I was not bleeding profusely. I was alive with no head injury, no back injury, no neck injury. God was definitely with me in that car today.

I'm thankful for a friend who was close by and willing to pick me up and take me home. I'm thankful for a responsible stranger who was willing to stop and make sure I was okay while calling emergency services. I'm thankful for the EMTs who arrived on the scene to check me out and give me the chance to refuse a ride to the hospital. I'm even thankful to the state trooper who wrote me a ticket because I failed to keep my car between the yellow and white lines on the road.

Memo to self: Next time I roll a car, I need to keep it on my little section of the road.

The insurance folks let me know that, based on the information given to them, their computer is calling it a total loss. Looking at the damage, I'd be surprised if they said it wasn't totaled. So I'm gonna take a day off tomorrow, try to get my ducks in a row. Gotta pick up a rental car and start figuring out what I'm gonna do on a more permanent basis.
I probably shouldn't have been able to walk away. No, I probably shouldn't be alive.


  1. Oh wow....just wow.

    I'm so glad you're alright. I can't believe you rolled three times based on a slippery section of road. How terrifying.

    Good luck getting our ducks back in a row. Again - I'm so glad you're alright.

    PS: you actually got a ticket for that? Unreal.

  2. Aaron, God was without a doubt with you in that car. So glad you are okay.