Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Single Guy Versus the First Day of School

The first day of school can cause kids to have a lot of anxiety. Will I be able to reconnect with my friends from last year? Will I make new friends? Are my clothes cool enough? Did I get my parents to buy the right pair of shoes? Will I like my new teacher?

The Single guy wasn't so worried about all these questions in particular, but there was still a certain amount of anxiety that accompanied the first day of school. Even for an adult.

Back to school means back to work for the Single Guy. He now has to give up sleeping late and daily viewings of The Price Is Right for the security of a paycheck. It's a pretty fair trade.

The Single Guy's first day of school turned out to be just fine, but that's not what he expected based on the previous evening. He went to bed at a decent hour and had set his alarm for 5:30am. With an hour commute, the early wake up call was necessary. Normally, 5:30 isn't a problem. But, it turned out, getting to sleep was.

He closed his eyes and sleep wouldn't come. So the Single Guy turned the TV on to catch the 11:00 news. After catching up on the events of the day, he turned the TV back off and laid back down.

Still no luck.

At a little after midnight, the Single Guy sat up and searched Netflix for something that might put him to sleep. He landed on the 80s classic Teen Wolf. This did not do the trick. The Single Guy was still wide awake as Michael J. Fox made that final basket to win in the end.

By this time it was 2:00am. Way too late to consider finding some Ny-Quil. However, after an episode or two of How I Met Your Mother, the Single Guy was out like a light.

But 5:30 came quickly. The Single Guy put himself on autopilot, got ready and packed a lunch in a blur, then made the long drive to school.

He was met with the excited faces of kids who are still young enough to look forward to school. That excitement is something the Single Guy vividly remembers feeling as a child, but it's a feeling he hasn't recaptured since he was in elementary school.

The Single Guy bounced from class to class, checking in on students and catching up with teachers. All in all, not a bad day. Only 179 school days 'til summer!

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  1. Scumbag brain. Knows you have to get up early - - - keeps you up the majority of the night.