Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow is my last day of summer vacation.

On Thursday, I'll make the drive to Christiansburg so that I can sit through the first of three days of training. Next Tuesday, I'll make the drive to Floyd County, where I'll join the faculty and staff of my favorite elementary school in welcoming students back for a new year.

I thought school was supposed to start in the fall. This isn't fall! We are still in midsummer. I know because I just had a midsummer night's dream last night. I was in a huge open field with tall grass that cam up to my waist. It was night time and it was the kind of place where you could look up and see the entire galaxy of stars, unobstructed by the lights of the city. The stars were so numerous and so bright that they lit up the world around me. And I was chasing lightning bugs. I might have been seven years old in this dream. I don't know.

I digress...

So I put it out there, what should I do with my last day off? I know that I'm putting a lot of pressure on you, America. Most of you are having a hard enough time trying to figure out what you're going to do with your day tomorrow. The only thing I have planned is to go to the office in the apartment complex across the street and get mine and my roommates' names put on the approved list for the swimming pool. I was gonna do it today but, when I went, the office was closed. What are the odds that they would be gone for the one hour that I decided to go over there.

I could have walked back over there after 2, when the sign on the door said they'd be back. But, let's be honest, once I got home and took my shoes off, well, I just knew I was done for the day.

You're reading this and I hope you're seriously considering my options for my final day of summer vacation. But you may be asking, "What is there to do in Blacksburg?" I'm actually hoping you can answer that question for me. 'Cause I'm kind of new here. Sure, I've been hanging out with friends in Blacksburg for the last 8 months or so. But I actually just moved into the town last week. Finding new things to do has been difficult for me because, well, I haven't really tried.

I'm kind of a home body. Please don't assume that I don't enjoy going out. I do. I just don't do it that often for one reason or another.

So I'm looking for suggestions. Please leave yours in the comments below. I look forward to trying all your ideas, assuming they're cost effective and will not result in any kind of serious bodily harm.

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