Monday, August 19, 2013

Question of the Week: Want

What do you want most?

I feel like this is a question whose answer will change throughout life. My heart's desires have evolved even within the last year. Being where I am in my life, I find that I don't want things as much as I did in years past. Though, I've never considered myself to be very materialistic. Not that I don't want things or haven't wanted to own stuff in the past. I just don't like to spend money, so I don't allow myself to afford the stuff. These days, I'm more involved with a church than I have been in years. As a follower of Christ, I have a strong desire to be a friend to anyone who crosses my path. I want to say that I've shown the love of Christ to others. I know I fail at that. A lot. I let my own insecurities and discomfort with circumstances get in the way. But it's definitely what I want the most.

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