Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Used to It

For a little more than two years, I've been driving a Toyota Yaris. If you're unfamiliar, this is a car that has all the gauges in the center of the dashboard, rather than behind the steering wheel.

So for two years, I've grown accustomed to looking slightly to my right to check my speedometer and fuel gauge. It was really odd at first. I thought it would be really inconvenient, or worse, a distraction. But it turned out to be okay.

Since the Yaris was pronounced a total loss, I've been back behind the wheel of other vehicles. Over the weekend, I was in a rental that the insurance company provided for me. It was a Hyundai Accent. Not a bad car, but the gauges were back behind the steering wheel. I know that's what's normal, but for me, normal has been different for a couple years.

The problem for me comes when the steering wheel cannot be adjusted. If it can't be moved up or down, there's a good chance that part of the wheel will block my view of the speedometer. All weekend, I constantly found myself ducking a bit anytime I wanted to check my speed. Not a big deal, but a slight inconvenience.

Then I purchased a new car yesterday. It's a 2009 Toyota Corolla. I think a part of me hoped that, if I got another Toyota, the instruments would be back in the middle. No such luck.

But I do have a sunroof and hands free Bluetooth. So I forebear.

This is the newish Corolla. I need to name her. Suggestions welcome.