Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Single Guy and the Last Week of School

Well, it happened. The Single Guy made it through an entire school year in the same job in the same location. Hopefully, there aren't too many people out there scoffing, as if this accomplishment is such a difficult thing to believe. Remember, the Single Guy maintained a steady position as a drive-thru bank teller for more than three years. He hated it, but he did it.

Since becoming a counselor, the Single Guy found himself placed in two different schools. He would have certainly been at the first school for a full year, had he began the job at the beginning of the school year. And, really, moving wasn't his idea. But he was happy for the move once it had happened. He made friends and grew to enjoy his time there, just as he had enjoyed his previous school.

The last week of the school year was a non-stop thrill ride that offered excitement and adventure around every corner. Well, one would have believed that last sentence if one's regular life involved being trapped in a sensory deprivation chamber for 24 hours a day. Although, that scathing bit of sarcasm makes the last week of school sound incredibly boring.

It wasn't boring. The Single Guy had plenty to do. The end of school presented him with a great deal of paperwork that needed to be finished. A lot of it also needed to be signed by his clients' parents. Therein lay the challenge. There are a lot of times when parents are difficult to contact by phone, much less to convince to meet face to face to sign forms.

But the Single Guy got it all accomplished in the three days of school that were available. Then he was able to move on to the more amusing things that the last week of school had in store. For one thing, there was the Beach Blast.

No, a period is the wrong punctuation to use with Beach Blast. The exclamation point is more appropriate. For one thing, there was the Beach Blast!

This event was much like what a lot of schools may consider Field Day. Unless it's the kind of school that considers Field Day a day of competition with track and field events. The kind of Field Day that Beach Blast! is like is the kind that involves a bunch of fun activities that may or may not have a great deal of structure: splash balls being thrown about, sidewalk chalk, inflatable bowling (that was impossible to play with the wind), temporary tattoos, etc. It was fun. Right up until the part where it began to storm.

There wasn't a whole lot happening on Wednesday during that last week. Mostly movies and end of year parties and the cleaning out of desks. But the actual last day of school provided all sorts of excitement.

It was a shortened school day. The only planned event? An annual faculty vs. 7th grade softball game. Teachers only required the younger kids to watch the game for one full inning, knowing that they didn't have the necessary attention span to sit through a full game. After that first inning, the children were free to roam the playground. It was mildly controlled chaos. Somehow it worked.

So, that last school day may have been more exciting for the kids than for the Single Guy, but it was a shortened day, so that was something. Once the little ones boarded their buses for the last time, the grown ups enjoyed a potluck lunch.

The Single Guy hadn't planned to stick around for the potluck. He didn't make anything to share with the others. He feels a little guilty participating when he didn't bring anything himself. But several teachers insisted that he stay. And his lunch was amazing. He probably ate too much. And went back for dessert twice.

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