Friday, June 14, 2013

Before Seeing Man of Steel

As I write these words, I sit alone in my apartment. I'm waiting patiently for midnight to arrive. Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time should be aware that I'm kind of a big Superman fan. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I'm kind of excited about Man of Steel, the latest incarnation of Superman on the big screen.

There's been no question in my mind that I'll be seeing this film at some point during the opening weekend. It's just been a question of when. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to work my second job on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. That kind of cuts into the possibilities a little.

So I was left with the options of the midnight premiere on Thursday night or a Saturday matinee. Despite midnight movies being high on my Murtaugh List, I decided to get a ticket to the midnight show. I have a feeling I'll think it's worth it, once I've seen the movie. But I might have some slight regrets when I have to go to work tomorrow.

I attempted to invite a few friends to come to the show with me, but none could make it. It might be a good thing, though. I'm not sure I'm ready for people that I've so recently become friends with to see me geek out on such an epic level, which I'm sure is bound to happen.

I mean... it's Superman... back on the big screen... And, for the record, I will be wearing a classic Superman t-shirt. I doubt I'll be the only one.

I won't post my thoughts on the movie immediately after seeing it. No matter how good or bad the movie is, I'll be too excited about it. I'll see it as awesome no matter what. I made that mistake with Superman Returns when it came out. Posted a glowing review the very next day. I was later informed that Superman Returns wasn't as great as I initially thought it was. Upon repeated viewings, I kind of had to agree. Sad, really.

But I'll post some thoughts at some point after processing. It'll either remain awesome or it will be something less.

Update: It's a little after 3am. My first impression, which may be a little fueled by sleep deprivation: it was some kind of awesome! Like, really awesome. Like, I'd be willing to see it again, that kind of awesome.

PS - I saw a total of 14 people with Superman t-shirts of varying styles. I'm a little surprised there weren't more.

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