Wednesday, May 08, 2013

To the Future

Today I did an activity with the kids where I had them write letters to themselves in five years. Looking back, I probably should have said 10 or 15 years. They didn't really have a good concept of time. Most of them will still be in the preteen phase, but they wrote letters regarding marriage and careers.

It was interesting to see how the kids' imaginations would shape their futures. What began as a therapeutic activity for the kids got me thinking about my own future. So I decided to write a letter to my own future self. And because I love my Carp Dime followers so very much. I'm sharing it here.

Dear Future Aaron,

What's it been? 20 years? How are you holding up? I hope things are going well for you. Or me. Whatever. You're 53 now. I'm sure I don't have to remind you, that's how old Dad was when he passed away. For both our sakes, I hope you've been taking care of yourself as far as your health goes.

If things have gone according to my current plan, you'll be wrapping up your 18th, maybe 19th year teaching. How's that going? Are the kids of the future behaving themselves any better than the ones I'm dealing with in 2013? It's hard to imagine behavior getting worse, though I'm sure it can. Probably has. But I hope you're enjoying being in your own classroom, shaping the minds of the future leaders.

Here's the big one that I would get tired of hearing if I were you. Which I am, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Are you married? If not, that's cool. No judgments here. If you are, here's hoping she's even more awesome than I've imagined. And you better be treating her like a queen. If you're not, I'm gonna find a way to travel into the future and kick your decrepit butt!

Speaking of time travel, is that even possible? If it is, would you mind finding a way to send back this week's winning Powerball numbers? The jackpot is up to $222 million. Not that money is that important. I'd end up giving most of it away. I'm just saying it would be helpful during those days when school gets cancelled. 'Cause remember, back when you were a counselor, snow days were unpaid. I assume you made it through those days unscathed, now that you're teacher of the year and all. By the way, the specific date for those winning numbers should be 5/8/2013. Just give it some thought.

What about the whole writing thing? Did anything ever come of that? Did you ever get a book published? That would be super. How about the blog? Still keeping up with that? I have no doubt you are. Blogging is a trend that will probably never die. And if it ever does, you better be the last hold out.

And what about running? I've set a goal to do a half marathon next year and maybe even a full marathon someday. Did you manage to get that done? I hope so. It would be cool to look back at 53 and say I've run a marathon before.

Okay, last question. Did they ever manage to create a Justice League movie that could rival the success of The Avengers? You know what? Don't answer that. I'm sure I'll just be disappointed.

All right, old man. See you in 20 years. Take care of yourself.

Past Aaron

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