Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Single Guy Versus the Dartboard

The following account may be a bit of an exaggeration. But, to be honest, that's how most accounts in the Single Guy's life tend to be.

Not too long ago, the Single Guy was sitting around a fire with some friends. At some point, someone brought up a little sports bar in Blacksburg that served hamburgers for a buck on Monday nights. And they weren't the flimsy little McDonald's style burgers, either. This place serves up the quarter-pounders for a dollar. Of course, you have to add toppings at 35 cents apiece. Still, not too shabby. Who is the Single Guy to pass up an economic incentive such as this?

Thanks to Jamie for the picture!
To sweeten the deal, it was mentioned that this little sports bar included pool tables and dartboards. The Single Guy hadn't played a legitimate game of darts since college. During his sophomore year, he had an electronic dartboard hanging on the closet door. This proved to be a great deal of fun for him, his roommates and the various passers by that would drop in from time to time. Until all the plastic tips for the darts bent or broke from repeated use. They lasted a good two months.

After obtaining permission from Michaelangelo to attend the Monday night outing, the Single Guy made plans to be there. In fact, he spent much of the weekend looking forward to a dollar burger and some old fashioned dart throwing.

Monday night arrived and the sports bar delivered. The burger was a little undercooked for the Single Guy's liking. But, still, it was a decent meal for way under five bucks. Bonus, the restaurant offered a substantial basket of french fries for $2.50. So, actually, the night cost the Single Guy a little over $5 when a tip was included for the barkeep. Then came the darts. Which were free.

The group with whom the Single Guy was hanging out was split into teams. Then they all began playing a couple separate games of something called Cricket. The Single Guy, being less than an expert in all things involving a dartboard, was somewhat clueless as to how to play the game. In fact, he was pretty sure that cricket involved some kind of flattened baseball bat and something called a "wicket." But he learned. As did his teammate and opponents.

The Single Guy's partner suggested a proper name for their team. After all, one can't cheer for a team without knowing the team's name, right? So the partner went with Team Jesus. Her thought was that, with a name like that, God would be on their side. It may have worked.

Throughout the evening, there were ups and downs to Team Jesus' dart throwing abilities. But it felt really good when they were able to hit the bulls eyes. The Single Guy has never been great with his aim. So to have a small, metal-tipped projectile leave his hand and find its intended target? He was a little thrilled.

Team Jesus barely won their first game against the opponents. The opponents kind of destroyed Team Jesus in round two. By that point, it was getting kind of late. But neither team could walk away with a tied record. They had to play to the best of three games. Game three was kind of close, but Team Jesus walked away with the victory. Was it because God was on their side? Let's just leave that question as it is.

The Single Guy didn't realize how much fun throwing darts could be. Immediately after leaving the sports bar that night, he began to hope that the night would be repeated the following Monday. He's always wanted to have the kind of place that a group of friends could hang out. A real life Central Perk or MacLaren's Pub. Maybe this sports bar could be just that. Now the Single Guy just needs to come up with a catchy theme song and his life as a sitcom is all set.

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  1. back when I was a young 20 something or other, my girlfriend and I invented our own "dart league". we'd go to the same bar on tuesday nights and just take on other random patrons.

    people started coming to the bar for this fake "dart league" we started and eventually, the bar formalized it and named it after us.

    wow - those were good times!