Saturday, May 04, 2013

Summer Movies That Might Be Worth Seeing

Summer is a happy time. The days are longer. The air is warmer. The sun is shinier. School is out. And the movies get a little more explosive. And dramatic. And funny. Or maybe it's just that Hollywood pulls out the stops and makes the movies seem like all of those things have gotten better. In some cases, they get it right. It's definitely not always the case. Some movies that are expected to be blockbusters become box office bombs. No one sets out to make a bad movie. Except for the Wachowski brothers when they decided to make the Matrix sequels. Here are some movies that I'm looking forward to in the months ahead.

In theaters this weekend (May 3):

Iron Man 3
I saw this today. It was really good. I might do a more in depth review later. For now, you'll just have to be happy with my statement that I thought it was the best of the three.

Coming Soon...
May 10:

The Great Gatsby
Never read the book. Never saw the older films. But it looks good.

May 17:

Star Trek: Into Darkness
The last one was just about awesome. The follow-up looks just as good.

May 24:

The Hangover Part III
Okay, the second one wasn't great. Actually, it was real disappointing. But you can't see the first two parts of a trilogy and not stick around for the final act.

May 31:

After Earth
M. Night Shyamalan's more recent stuff has been kind of disappointing. But I like some sci-fi. This looks decent.

Now You See Me
This one I don't know a whole lot about, but the trailer has me intrigued enough to want to take a look.

June 7:

The Internship
Good to see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn working together again. Wedding Crashers is a classic, maybe this will recreate that same kind of magic.

Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare meets Joss Whedon? Yes, please.

June 14:

Man of Steel
Does the word "duh" mean anything to you?

June 21:

Monsters University
Like most of what Pixar has to offer, I loved Monsters, Inc. Why wouldn't I give this one a shot?

World War Z
A zombie movie where the zombies move like rabid wolves rather than shambling corpses that are falling apart? Should be a little more exciting than the average zombie movie. Honestly, it wouldn't take a lot to be more exciting than the majority of the last couple seasons of The Walking Dead.

July 5:

Despicable Me 2
If you saw the first one, you'll understand why this is a must see: the minions.

July 19:

Red 2
If you saw the first one, you'll understand why this is a must see: actually, I don't have a good one for this. I just thought the first one was really clever.

July 26:

The Wolverine
Come on, it's Wolverine.

August 9:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Being a fan of the Percy Jackson book series, I was enormously disappointed with the first film adaptation. But this trailer looks a little better than The Lightning Thief. Here's hopin'.

August 23:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
This book series is on my list of things to read, assuming I can ever find time to get around to them. The movie looks pretty good.

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