Friday, May 17, 2013

Remembering Bluefield: Brandi DeBusk Powers

Welcome back to another installment of Remembering Bluefield. This week we flashback with Brandi, who takes us all the way back to 2006. A magical time in Bluefield College history. I actually can't back that up. I wasn't in Bluefield in 2006. If any magic happened, we'll have to rely on Brandi to tell us about it. So the floor is now hers.

Brandi DeBusk Powers

What year did you graduate?

What degree did you earn?
BA in Christian Studies

What drew you to Bluefield College?
It is a small town college and I am a small town girl so I felt at home there.

What kept you there?
I stayed because of the friends that I had made, but also just the sense of community and an overwhelming feeling that it was the place where I belonged. It was easy to become involved in campus life through SUB and BCM as well as within each major.

Is there a class that changed your life? If so, what?
I am not sure that there was one class that changed my life, but rather the experience of all of the classes within the Christian Studies Department. Each one gave me new insight to God and to the Bible. I was drawn to place that was beyond where I began my journey as a Christian and was encouraged to cultivate my faith and belief so that it was mine and I could express that faith as my own and not someone else's.

What teacher had the biggest impact on you? Why?
There were two teachers that had the biggest impact on me. First, Dr. Crawford. He pushed all of his students to be more and to know more than they ever thought they could. He also taught me Hebrew and how to pronounce some really good Hebrew gutterals with just the right amount of spit. Mr. Moxley also impcted me greatly. He helped me to discover where God was leading me in life. Mr. Moxley encouraged, inspired and invested in his students and he cultivated them into his peers.

Did you live on campus or commute?
I lived on campus.

Who were your roommates?
My first year I roomed with Kim Jeter and Miranda Herdman. My sophomore year I roomed with Erin Losey Moehlen, Junior year Maggie Michael Lavoie, and Senior year with Lisa Robinson Yost.

Share an epic roommate story (if you have one).
I'm not sure if any of our stories are epic! But Lisa Robinson Yost and I hid a toaster in our room. I also did that with Erin Losey Moehlen. Maggie Michael Lavoie and I once watched the RAs catch someone in the boys room of New Hall after hours. Kris Hardy and Mike Lavoie trapped them on either side of the dorm. I was pretty boring.

What's your most cherished Bluefield College memory?
I have so many great memories so it is hard to choose just one. Mud Pig Day is always one that sticks out because it is part of a larger tradition on campus. But there was also this time that Andy Berry, Matthew Brooks, Erin Losey Moehlen and I went to David Taylor's house really late at night and placed post-its all over his car trying to peg him as one of the Secret Seven. The funny part is, D.T.'s neighbor had a security camera outside and it caught the whole thing and we were busted the next day.

Where are you now?
I am the Children's Minister at Inman First Baptist Church, Inman, SC.

What are you doing?
I am a part-time Children's Minister and a full-time Mom.

Does that mean you're using your degree?
I use my degree every day.

Are you where you pictured yourself being when you were in college?
No, I pictured myself out on some mission field in the middle of nowhere.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
At Inman First Baptist still working as a Children's Minister and branching out to include some other ministries as well.

What's your greatest post-BC accomplishment?
I completed my MDIV from Gardner-Webb University, got married, have been ordained, but my greatest accomplishment is raising my son Joel.

What's your fondest post-BC memory?
My fondest post-BC memory is my former church, First Baptist Forest City, NC, asking if they could ordain me. It was such a special and high honor.

If you had it to do all over again, would you change anything?
I wouldn't change anything. All of the friends I made and the experiences I had, have all led me to where I am now and have helped to shape me. Without all of it, I would be a completely different person. It all started at Bluefield College.

Thank you, Brandi, for participating in this week's question and answer session. Come back next week, when I will have (hopefully) talked another BC alum to sit in the hot seat!

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