Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Against the Wind

Have you looked outside today? Actually, I hope you've been outside today. 'Cause it's gorgeous out there. I'm missing out. I managed to pick up some stomach virus that's been floating around the school for the last couple weeks. Fun times. I'll spare you the details. Instead, you're here to read about the picnic I attended on Sunday.

It sounds boring when I say it like that. So I'll try again. You're here to read about the epic gathering of friends where we enjoyed the edibles in an outdoor setting! Is that better?

Weather's been a little weird this year. Spring never really came. I mean, we may have had a taste of it here and there. But winter really stuck around for a long time. For example (and this has nothing to do with the picnic) I woke up yesterday to a temperature of 34 degrees outside my apartment. Today, the high is 84. So we had a long winter then shifted straight into summer. Spring is supposed to act as a convenient segue. Don't think we got that.

Sunday, the small group I'm part of through church had an end of semester picnic. Not sure if that's the reason we actually had a picnic. Could have just been because we're a group of individuals who like to hang out together and enjoy good conversation while facing down 65 mile an hour winds.

Oh, yeah, I didn't mention that part. It was crazy windy. And the wind was cold. It felt really good outside when the air was still. We moved one of the picnic tables out of the shelter and into the sunlight to help us stay warm. It worked when the wind didn't blow.

I was observing a lot of the world around me. At one point, I saw a bird flying into the wind and it wasn't moving. It was as if the bird was just floating in midair. At the time, I was looking for something to write about on the blog. And there you have it.

Are you tired of hearing me say that I love my new church? I guess I can't call it my new church anymore, since I've been going there for five months. Just, don't get tired of it, okay? Embrace it. I love the church and the people I've met through it. Thursday, the night my small group meets, has pretty much become my favorite night of the week.

Yes, I enjoy getting together to talk about what we've been reading in our Read the Bible in a Year curriculum. But I also enjoy the conversations that are just about as random as this blog post. Usually, those Thursday night conversations spawn ideas for blog posts. When we didn't meet last Thursday night, I was a little worried I'd have a day this week when I wouldn't have anything to write about.

Then the picnic happened. And I saw a bird flying against the wind. And blogging history was made!

Okay, this post was really, really random. But I don't feel good, guys. Cut me some slack. I've got some other stuff cooking. Stay tuned.

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