Thursday, March 07, 2013

Super Hero Stories

Recently, I saw a couple interesting stories on the news. These reports are making me believe that we may be close to entering an age when super powered individuals walk (or fly) among us.

The first story is about a little boy who fell out of a third story window in an apartment building. Not only did he live to tell the tale, but he walked away with barely a scratch. According to reports, he fell out the window and landed on his feet.

The boy's mother stated that she felt horrible for allowing something like that to happen. As a preventative measure, she's looking for a new apartment. Something on the ground floor. I say go the other way. Test this kid's invulnerability a little. I'm not saying someone should drop him from a plan. But what about a fourth story window?

Another story I heard was about a guy in Great Britain who dressed as Batman. This vigilante captured a burglar and hand delivered him to the police. The police booked the criminal but were unable to question the Batman. He left before they could even get his name.

Of course they didn't get his real name. It's called a secret identity. As a man, he's flesh and blood. He can be ignored. He can be destroyed. But as a symbol... As a symbol he can be incorruptible. He can be everlasting.

The day after seeing that story, the media revealed that the man behind the mask was just a delivery driver named Stan. He delivered a friend to the police because his friend was voluntarily turning himself in for crimes he had committed. Stan just thought it would be funny to drop him off at the station dressed as Batman.

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