Friday, March 01, 2013

Remembering Bluefield

There are a lot of days that come and go where I have a little trouble coming up with something to write about. When I have those creatively difficult days, I generally take to the Facebook to ask for some ideas. Today, I did that very thing. One of my great Bluefield College friends, Dave Lowe, came up with a weekly "Where Are They Now?" kind of segment. The idea is to spotlight someone who was at Bluefield College at some point during those few years that I was a student and play catch up with them.

As of this spring, it will have officially been 10 years since I graduated from Bluefield College. So that means that plenty of time has passed since those fondly remembered days, giving people plenty of time to make new memories away from the old alma mater. This segment will be a chance for folks to remember some of the good ol' days, as well as catch people up on the good new days.
Now, I've never thought of myself as a reporter and I've certainly never interviewed anyone. But this could be an interesting adventure. It sounds like an intriguing idea, anyway. So next Friday, be sure to come back for Carp Dime's first official interview as part of the Remembering Bluefield tag. And, since it was his idea, I think it fitting that the first guinea pig guest be David Lowe himself.

If you're thinking that, from now on, Fridays on Carp Dime will only be relevant to Bluefield College grads, I hope you'll reconsider. After all, there are plenty of people out there who only know me through reading this blog. Some of you are willing to come back day after day to read the random thoughts of a complete stranger. My hope is that you'll keep coming back on Fridays to dive into the lives of a few more complete strangers. Stay tuned. I have a feeling this could be fun.

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