Friday, March 15, 2013

Remembering Bluefield: Brandon Caldwell

I briefly met Brandon Caldwell during my sophomore year when he made the trip to Bluefield for a campus visit. At the time, he was considering transferring in from Dabney Lancaster Community College. Obviously, he followed through with that consideration and became one of the best friends I've ever known. I'll let him tell the rest.

Name: Brandon Caldwell

When did you graduate?

What degree did you earn?
Business Administration and Information Technologies

What drew you to Bluefield College?
One of my best friends, Mark Hipes, talked so much about it while we were in Community College, we were going to walk onto the baseball team and room up from there. I ended up getting a part time job at Subway instead of walking on the team.

What kept you there?
The people. The friends that I grew to know and love.

Is there a class that changed your life? If so, what?
I wouldn't say one particular class absolutely CHANGED my life. I will say that after doing both Business Administration and Information Technologies, I knew I couldn't just simply "write code" all day long. So I went the business route.

What teacher had the biggest impact on you? Why?
Probably either Dee Shoemaker or Dr. Anderson. Both were just great at relaying their messages in class. Both were able to put that personal touch on things so we could appreciate the classes we were in.

Did you live on campus or commute?
Lived on campus of course.

Who were your roommates?
First year, Mark Hipes. Second year, Mark Hipes, Aaron Peck, and Dereck Harris. (Aaron decided to relocate after a semester though)

Share an epic roommate story (if you have one).
Good gosh....where do I start....I mean there's spotlight, throwing pumpkins off the roof of Rish, playing spades, Playing Bond and Tetris all day....literally all day. "he can go fast if he wants to"....and those were just a few while we were in college... not to mention our later years.... "whats that smell.....ITS US, no seriously, I smell something.... DUDE I'M TELLING YOU ITS US", Bigtenoh11, and.....hey, remember that time we went to Pittsburgh? I know, I know....these are all one liners and your 50+ readers may not get them because they're inside jokes but... man are they awesome stories...we should tell them sometime.

What's your most cherished Bluefield College memory?
Just knowing that all of the times we had and shared with each other for my two years there, whether they were good or bad, have resulted in stronger bonds with a lot of those people today. And its miles apart from the relationships that I have with the people I grew up with. That's a pretty powerful thing to me.

Where are you now?
I spent 10 years in Roanoke and just recently, as of August, moved back to my hometown of Clifton Forge.

What are you doing?
I'm a Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager at SunTrust Bank. I just celebrated 10 years with the company in February.

Does that mean you're using your degree?
Yeah I'd say so.

Are you where you pictured yourself being when you were in college?
I don't think I really pictured much of what or where I would be after college. I knew I wanted to get myself set up and established with a job, and fast.... I was fortunate to do that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I'm in the process of re-examining my goals right now. The past couple of years have really thrown me some curveballs, so I really need to sit down and do some soul searching.

What's your greatest post-BC accomplishment?
Being fortunate enough to be able to work hard (sometimes too hard) to provide for my family everyday.

What's your fondest post-BC memory?
becoming a father. It's completly changed my life. I went from wearing that "corporate hat" everyday to wearing the "number 1 dad hat" everyday.

If you had it to do all over again, would you change anything?
There may have been some things that I might have tweaked along the road. I really do think that I'm where God has planned for me to be though.

Thanks to Brandon for taking the time to participate in Remembering Bluefield. Come back next week for more from another BC alum!

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