Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Remember that epic birthday party I had last Friday? Well, I had an interesting conversation during dinner that I thought may be worth sharing.

The conversation came about when one of my friends brought a birthday gift. Upon opening the bag, I saw that I'd been given a set of Avengers dishes consisting of a plate, a bowl and a cup. The reason for this gift is because I may have mentioned that I don't have any of my own dishes in my current apartment. Pretty thoughtful, right?

The discussion turned to the fact that I don't have dishes, nor do I have furniture, thanks to living in a furnished apartment. I had to explain that I did have furniture at one time, but that I sold everything, including my dishes and cooking utensils, when I moved from North Carolina.

This is where the interesting conversation comes into play. As I was sitting with a couple of single friends, we decided that it seems unfair that people can't register for household items until they decide to get married. What about single folks who live alone for years after college? Like they don't need furnishings and appliances?

Would it be so wrong for a single guy or gal to throw themselves a housewarming party when they move into a new place? Don't you think these single friends could use a toaster or a vacuum cleaner or an espresso machine or one of those new-fangled bladeless fans?

By the way, I'll be moving in July. You can expect to find me registered at Target.

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