Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reading Blogs

Apparently, Google Reader is dying in July. I feel I should take a moment to mourn this loss. Instead, I'm mostly just outraged.

I read a whole lot of blogs. I mean, I browse a whole lot of blogs and read a few a little more closely. But I keep up with a lot of blogs. And I do this through Google Reader. It's convenient that I'm able to go to one place and find all the blogs and articles that I want to read in one location. What happens when that goes away? Where will I be able to go for a one-stop blog reading spot?

I'm seriously asking this question. Because I have no idea. Not that I've done any actual research on my own. I just found out about the Google Reader thing about 3 minutes ago. But if any of my fellow blog-keepers and blog-readers have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I may have kept this blog for the last 7+ years, but I'm still a novice at all this.


  1. I use Vienna---I think it's pretty old school but I used it before there was google reader and I never converted.

  2. I am likewise outraged. This article was helpful. It's geared toward authors rather than readers, but the info is still useful.

    Just GRRRR about the whole thing, though. I'm ignoring it for now and hoping the public outcry will change their minds.