Sunday, February 17, 2013


The following is based on actual events.

I drive home from school the same way, each and every day. It's a routine. I know when to slow down. I know when to speed up. I know when to adjust my driving perceptions based on weather conditions and the drivers around me. I know the route like the back of my hand.

One day, in the not too distant past, I was making that drive home. I was moving along with the flow of traffic and, honestly, not really paying attention to my speedometer. Suddenly I noticed the flash of blue lights closing in on my rear.

"Aw, crap!" Only I didn't say crap. This is the last thing I need right now, I thought, I cannot afford a ticket!

My immediate reaction was to slow down. I didn't slam on my brakes, I just took my foot off the gas and let the laws of physics take their course. Several nearby drivers did the same thing. I kept an eye in the rear-view mirror, just to see what the sheriff's deputy would do next. I won't pull over unless he gets right up on my bumper.

I stayed where I was in the right lane, not speeding up, not slowing any more than I already had. As he got closer, I thought for sure that he had singled me out. And then it happened...

He whipped around me to get into the left lane. He sped up and took down the driver two cars ahead of me. I cannot remember the last time I was so vocal in my thanks to God for His blessings. At the same time, I couldn't feel my arms.

I had to have been speeding. Nothing reckless, but probably about 10 over the speed limit. And I'm sure, if I had pulled over at the instant that I saw his lights flashing behind me, I would have received a ticket for speeding. But he decided he had bigger fish to fry that day. For some reason, God chose me to be on the receiving end of a miraculous event, and I am extremely grateful for it.


  1. If you were driving ten over the speed limit, my guess is you were driving just about like everyone else. :-)

  2. Close call, ticket thankfully avoided. Most likely, to speed again another day. They just raised our hwy speed limits here to 75 in many places, and now those who went 80 when it was 70 are of course bumping it up to 85. It makes me laugh, our petty rebellion against establishment rules. :-)

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