Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming Soon: 33

Fair Carp Dimers, my birthday is a mere two weeks away. That means, in two weeks, I will transform from a youthful 32-year-old into a ripe, old 33-year-old.

Okay, probably not ripe. Or old, really. I can honestly say I feel a lot better about my life this year than I did at this time last year. It's nice to be able to say that, especially considering the toll that the aging process takes on the body.

But, I will be aging. That means there may be a need for some kind of celebration. This will all be happening on a Wednesday, so the celebration won't be huge. But there's got to be something, right? It's a birthday. There's no reason not to celebrate. After all, it's a lot better than the alternative. And in case you're not picking up the implication, the lack of a birthday would mean I was dead. And I'm not dead yet.

I'm thinking about a dinner with friends somewhere nearby. Maybe some kind of fun activity could be involved. There's no Chuck E. Cheese nearby. At least, not close enough to make sense for a mid-week dinner. So I'm looking for suggestions. I suppose that two weeks isn't a lot of time to really make major plans. But, like I said, it's a Wednesday, so big plans aren't really in the cards. School night and all. Feel free to post your suggestions in the comments below.

Also, if you happen to live outside the area of southwest Virginia and can't make it to my impromptu birthday party, I will accept generous donations to the "feed the blogger" fund in your absence.

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  1. I turn 33 in four weeks. I'm right there with you, man. ;)