Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Single Guy and the Fish Bowl

Remember how the Single Guy recently took a quick trip to the Richmond area? Well, the trip consisted of more than just making fun of the Charlatan's new ride.

On Saturday evening, the Single Guy was given the opportunity to hang out with the Charlatan, his fiance and a couple of their close friends. The night began with dinner at Noodles & Co., where the Single Guy experienced the most amazing Coca-Cola fountain machine in existence. It's the kind with a touch screen that allows you to not only choose a particular beverage, but also lets you add one of about ten different flavors to that beverage. The Single Guy's Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero tasted like liquid candy.

After dinner, the quintet made their way to the Charlatan's apartment, where they spent a short time trying to decide what to do to pass the time and entertain themselves. The Charlatan and his fiance decided on a game known as Fish Bowl. This was a game that the Single Guy had heard of, but never played before.

Before game play could begin, each participant was responsible for writing down a whole lot of random things on tiny little pieces of paper. These pieces of paper would each be thrown into a fish bowl, to be drawn out as part of the game. The Charlatan did not have an actual fish bowl, so he used an ice bucket. Saying that the things written on the slips of paper were random is something of an understatement. They ranged from objects such as Superman's cape to phrases like, "You stay classy, San Diego!"

Despite the uneven number of players, the teams were divided up as boys vs. girls. That made it three vs. two, each side arguing that they were the ones with the disadvantage. This minor disagreement did nothing to hinder the awkward fun that the group would end up having.

The object of the game involved one teammate drawing a clue from the bucket and attempting to get the rest of the team to guess what's written on the paper. In round one, players could use any words to describe what was written, as long as they did not use the actual words written. Round two was basically Charades. The third and final round allowed the players to use only one word to describe the clue. These progressive rounds allowed for hilarity to ensue. Especially when the Single Guy drew "pubic hair" during the Charades round.

At the end of three rounds, the teams were tied up. The group eventually decided on a fourth round tiebreaker, consisting of sound effects to describe each of the clues. This became difficult when so many of the clues were silent objects. How does one come up with a sound effect for "crossword puzzle?" In the end, the guys won the game. But then they all sat around wondering what would have happened if round four had also ended in a tie. And they came up with other, more difficult and humorous ways to get people to guess the clues.

The group spent a great deal of time reading clues by only pronouncing vowels. You just don't know how important consonants are until you're forced to leave them behind.

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