Monday, January 21, 2013

Question of the Week: Silent Lies

Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

Absolutely. According to psychologists, 93% of human communication is non-verbal. That means that most of what we say to each other is based on body language... a look, a tilt of the head, a roll of the eyes. I'm really good with that last one. I use the eye roll without even being aware that I'm doing it most of the time. It's gotten me in trouble with some of the kids I work with before. I underestimate a child's ability to read facial cues, 'cause most of the ones I work with can't. But then there are the ones who do and they know a rolling of the eyes is not a positive thing and usually indicates that I'm kind of a jerk. Anyway, none of that has anything to do with lying via body language. What was I saying? Oh, yes... it is possible to lie without saying a word. But it's harder. Like with my involuntary eye roll, a lot of our body language is reflexive. Our bodies say things that we wouldn't necessarily say with our mouths. But those who have a great deal of self control can probably lie very convincingly without speaking.

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