Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Head! Big Head! Big Head!

No, I'm not talking about my ego.

I have a fairly large cranium. I know there are people out there with bigger heads. I've seen people out there with bigger heads. But in the scheme of things, I can't imagine there are many. I should probably go to a doctor and have them measure the size of my head and figure out what percentile I fall into. I've got to be in the 80s, at least.

I look in the mirror and I see a large head staring back at me. And it's not an overweight thing. I've lost some weight in recent months. I've been told that people notice the weight loss in my face. Notice they say "face" and not "head." That's because my gargantuan skull remains the same size.

But I treated myself to a haircut today. It's not something I often do. Every other month or so. I should probably do it more often. Because my hair gets thick. It doesn't get long (after a certain point), it just gets thicker. Like it's building from underneath. And I think that only serves to make my head look larger. Trust me, it's not all an illusion of massive hair that makes it seem big. But getting rid of all that hair can make it seem smaller.

I got home tonight and took a look in the mirror. The haircut really worked wonders. It's like I got a head transplant. Almost like my head is a normal size. Maybe I'll finally be able to pull off that fedora I've always wanted to wear.