Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Days

Today marked the one hundredth day of the school year. In some ways, it's hard to believe we've already reached this point. In others, it's hard to take the fact that there are still 80 days left.

It's been a somewhat eventful school year. My own job has seen a lot of changes. I've picked up new clients, discharged some for ridiculous reasons, shifted caseloads only to have caseloads shifted back. It's been kind of nuts.

I've observed as 7th graders studied the election process. I've watched as 1st graders have learned to spell wurds that I've been taking for granted for more than 20 years. I've sat in the back of the class as 2nd graders have explored ancient cultures from Egypt to China.

I've survived a couple strains of the common cold and managed to dodge about a dozen other illnesses. I've been witness to digestive explosions, hundreds of bathroom breaks, and more than a few emotional meltdowns.

There were plenty of 100th day celebrations throughout the younger grades. Many teachers took the opportunity to involve their students in activities involving the number 100. In the 1st grade classroom, the children were asked to imagine what they would be like at the age of 100. Each of them was given the chance to draw a picture of what they might look like when they reach 100 years. So I did too.

You'll notice that I went with a Doc Brown kind of look. Also, I'm missing my left leg below the knee. I decided that it's highly likely I had to have it amputated at the age of 65 after a tragic time traveling accident. But, if I'd thought ahead, I'd probably have realized that in 68 years it's likely that I'll have a very lifelike robotic prosthetic leg.

Now, 80 days remain until the legendary summer break. I'd love to believe it's all downhill from here. Somehow I don't feel I can afford to be that optimistic about it.

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