Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Tales from Old Navy: Staying Late

The store is staying open later these days to accomodate holiday shoppers who are unable to gt their shopping done during normal business hours. I've never really understood this policy that most stores adopt. As Christmas approaches, stores stay open later and later. Do later hours really attract more people?
Thus far, I haven't seen it. Last week, we were staying open until 10pm. This week, we're there until 11. After that, it'll be midnight. I'm not sure that this strategy works, though. I can count the number of customers we get in our final hour on one hand.
I heard one woman who was grateful for our extended hours. She said she was a nurse working the night shift at the hospital. Our staying open late gives her a chance to buy stuff before going to work. But I have to question the motives of some of the other late-night shoppers.
Particularly, I question the family that brings in three very small children at 9pm to do some shopping. It's a school night! Your 1st grader should be at home in bed so she can be ready for tomorrow's school day. I'd be able to understand if you had a real purpose for rushing in that late at night. "My daughter ripped a hole in her jeans today and she needs a new pair for school tomorrow!" That makes more sense than leisurely strolling around the store with no real destination.
I'm not trying to judge your parenting style, but... Yes, I am judging your parenting style.

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