Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Catch-Up

Wow... I am a huge slacker at Christmastime. I've posted nothing on here since Friday, and even that was just a shameless promotion for the Carp Dime Facebook page (which you're still more than welcome to click over to and like... you know, if you wanna). I won't give out excuses about how the last few days have been busy (even though they have). I'll just tell you what's been going on during those last few busy days.

Really, things haven't been that incredibly busy. My weekend was a typical weekend. I worked that part-time gig on Saturday and Sunday. And Sunday was a change to my normal part-time work schedule. For the first time I had been scheduled to work when the store opened, rather than when it closed. On the plus side, I was done with work at 1pm. That left me with so much time for activities!

Except that I didn't have any planned activities. I had no plans for most of Monday either. Christmas Eve was boring until I drove into Roanoke for the big family hootenanny. There was food. There was a lot of food. And that food included Mamaw's famous Crackaroni and Cheese. It's really just macaroni and cheese, but she's got to add something to it that makes it extra delicious and extremely addictive. If it wasn't for that mac and cheese, I wouldn't have gone back for thirds. When it was time to open presents, I was a little afraid that my digestive system would cease to function due to overuse. I did not save room for dessert. However, I did eat two pieces of pie and a couple sausage balls a few hours later when dessert was served. Where it went, I don't know.

The present opening time was more fun than I expected it to be. I don't have kids of my own, but it was still pretty cool to watch my young cousins open their gifts. They're all still at that young age where they get so excited over what surprises could be behind that wrapping paper. Since I work retail at a clothing store these days, it should come as no surprise that the gifts I gave came from there. I was a little scared I was gonna end up being that jerk that no one liked because all he gave them for Christmas was clothes. But the quote of the night came from my 4-year-old cousin, who said of her shirt, "I got a famous shirt!"

I stayed the night at mom's. I was exhausted and I'm not sure how I stayed up any later than the moment I walked through the front door and sat on the sofa. But I ended up staying up a while longer with mom as she flipped through the channels. I couldn't convince her to stop on A Christmas Story, which was playing non-stop. She did, however, find the last half hour of The Greatest Story Ever Told. The Christian Studies major in me ended up picking on little issues that I had with what I was seeing. I'm not saying I was right about anything I was saying. I'm just pointing out that I was over-thinking. Something I tend to do a lot.

On Christmas day, as if I hadn't eaten enough food the previous night, mom made brunch. This meal consisted of eggs, apples, hash browns, biscuits, sausage grave... that might be it. I ate too much again. Afterward, we went on our annual Christmas outing to the cinema. This year's feature: Les Miserables. In short, it was freakin' fantastic. In long, come back tomorrow for my full thoughts.

After the movie I drove back home to Radford. It's a ghost town at the moment, with all the college kids at home for Christmas break. I'm fairly certain I'm the only soul in my building. It's peaceful and creepy all at the same time.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.

On a side note, congratulations to Mr. Mark Hipes, the winner of the Facebook page drawing for a $30 iTunes gift card. If you go and like the Facebook page, you'll be kept up to date on more fun things that will be happening in the future. 2013's gonna be a fun year. Let's get to work.

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