Monday, November 26, 2012

Question of the Week: Crying

Do you think crying is a sign of strength or weakness?

Crying certainly isn't a sign of weakness. But I'm not sure it's a sign of strength either. Or maybe it's both. Like all emotional reactions, context is important. Without knowing the situation, I'm sure it's easy to judge someone we see crying. And a lot of our judgments will be determined by the condition of our hearts. If you're feeling particularly compassionate, your heart will go out to a crying person. If you're locked in your own world consumed by your own issues, you may not even notice another crier. I don't often cry. Especially in front of other people. While I don't believe crying makes me look weak, it definitely makes me vulnerable. For someone who has difficulty opening up to people, vulnerability isn't something I like to feel. However, I'm reminded of a song by The Elms called "Real Men Cry"...
Real men cry to their mothers and laugh with the others when all of the jokes are on them.
So I think crying is neither a weakness or strength, but it can also be both at the same time. But if you're struggling with whether or not you should feel comfortable crying, think about these famous criers:
  • Superman cried when Lois Lane was temporarily killed in an earthquake.
  • Spider-Man cried when Uncle Ben was shot. Both times.
  • Rick Grimes cried when (SPOILER ALERT) his wife died in childbirth on The Walking Dead.
  • Monica Potter apparently cries on a weekly basis on Parenthood.
  • Jesus wept. And if the Son of God can cry openly, so can you.

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