Friday, October 19, 2012

Troy and Abed Airing Someday!

I hold the Evil Empire* in the highest regards. After all, they've done so much for one of my favorite shows. First they put it on an indefinite hiatus in the middle of the season last year. Their comforting words to the fans were basically, "we haven't canceled it, we just don't know when we'll bring it back yet."

And then, over the summer, the Evil Empire fired the show's creator, Dan Harmon. Granted, there were reasons behind the firing and even Harmon admits that he's a difficult character with whom to get along. Still, getting rid of the showrunner doesn't exactly instill a show's fans with a great deal of confidence about the future of the series.

Despite renewing the program for a fourth season, they've only been given an order of half a season. Just one more nail in the Community coffin.

The latest? The pushing back of the fourth season premiere date. A date which is to be determined. Thankfully, our favorite study group has banded together to let us know that we will be seeing their wacky adventures. Someday.

*Evil Empire refers to NBC, for those who were interested in knowing.

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