Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AFI 52 - Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Netflix sleeve: Martin Scorsese crafts a violently prophetic, gripping vision of urban decay and insanity in which mentally unstable Vietnam vet Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) drives a cab through the sleaziest streets of pregentrified New York City and befriends a child hooker (Jodie Foster). The groundbreaking film earned four Oscar nominations, including nods for Best Picture, Best Score, and for De Niro and Foster's haunting performances.

"Haunting performances" is right. I mean... that was pretty jacked up. So the AFI list gave me two very dark De Niro flicks back to back. I'm not saying I'm looking forward to watching number 51 on the list, but at least it will be a lighthearted romp compared to this and The Deer Hunter. I'm not sure I know what else to say about this thing, other than completely jacked up. I mean, here's this movie that starts out okay. A guy's just trying to make a living for himself. He boldly asks out Cybill Shepherd. And somewhere he kind of snaps. He buys a bunch of guns shaves his hair into a Mohawk and starts killing people. And he's a hero for it! I won't have nightmares or anything. But I wouldn't want to run into this Travis Bickle character in a dark alley. Or a well lit alley for that matter.

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