Friday, September 28, 2012

The Single Guy and the Chicken Alfredo

Last week, the Single Guy went on the first date he had been on in months. And he was kind of proud of himself. This wasn't a set up or a blind date. This outing was with a girl he knew in college.

She was never someone that the Single Guy knew very well. They would hang out with the same people from time to time but, at best, they were just acquaintances. Of course, that hasn't stopped them from being Facebook friends for several years.

A few weeks ago, the Single Guy noticed something she posted on the social network. This got him thinking about her a little. He had always thought of her as attractive and knew her to be a very sweet girl in college. So he checked her all important relationship status. She was single and didn't live too far away.

The Single Guy, with a little encouragement from the Other Single Guy, talked himself into sending her a message asking her to dinner. Due to busy and complicated schedules, they exchanged messages for a couple weeks before settling on a good day and time to meet up.

She suggested meeting at the Olive Garden. This warmed the Single Guy's heart, because who doesn't love the Olive Garden? They planned to meet at five. This seemed a bit early to the Single Guy, considering he had no plan for activities after dinner. But then he thought it would be okay. They could stretch dinner out with conversation.

But this is the Single Guy we're talking about. Conversation is not exactly his forte. Particularly when faced with an attractive single woman. They're like his kryptonite. Like how Clark Kent would get all klutzy and stuttery when Lois Lane was around. Except that his kryptonite was actual kryptonite.

Point is, dinner only lasted 90 minutes. The Single Guy knew that couldn't be a good sign. At one point the Single Guy looked down at his cold chicken alfredo and silently berated himself for being so socially awkward.

He walked her to her car and hugged her, letting her know it was great seeing her. To him, the hug felt somewhat forced, like they were both just trying to be polite.

The next day, the Single Guy kicked himself for not asking for her number. So he emailed her again. He thanked her for a great time and asked for her phone number, suggesting they get together again sometime.

A week later, she hasn't responded. Maybe the Single Guy would be better off known as the Awkward Shy Guy.

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