Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Directed by Robert Altman
Netflix sleeve: Director Robert Altman's thinly veiled Vietnam War satire is indicative of when the spirit of the 1970s went mainstream, with Elliot Gould, Donald Sutherland and Tom Skerritt as Army doctors fighting military insanity and healing wounded soldiers during the Korean War. Featuring an Oscar-winning score and standout work from a huge ensemble cast (including Robert Duvall and Sally Kellerman), M*A*S*H is a masterpiece of '70s cinema.

I'm fairly certin I grew up with M*A*S*H reruns playing as background noise in my childhood home. I never really cared for it. Which is why I never attempted to watch the movie that inspired the series. But to a kid, a satire about war just isn't entertaining. As an adult, I found a great deal of humor in the exploits of Hawkeye and Trapper and Hot Lips. I'm sure that, at this point, I would enjoy the TV show a lot more.

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