Wednesday, August 08, 2012

TV Time

You know what's awesome about Netflix? It's not the movies that come in the mail. Though, that part is pretty awesome. No, it's the streaming video that can be viewed online or through my very own Playstation 3.

But the awesome part isn't the movies you can see. While the selection on some of the older flicks is pretty good, the offering of newer movies is not the best. But when it comes to TV shows, it's very not bad.

Over the years, there have been a lot of TV shows that I've heard good things about, but just didn't have time to watch. There are only so many hours in a day and only so many of those hours are healthy to spend in front of the television. And, I suppose, some would argue that it's not healthy to spend any of those hours in front of the television. Those folks are entitled to their opinion. Even though they're wrong. TV's awesome.

I mentioned recently that I've had a lot of time on my hands. I suppose it happens when you're unemployed for a couple weeks. So I decided to spend some of that time catching up on shows that people have repeatedly told me to watch.

The first of these was the USA Network's Psych. It's a lot like The Mentalist, except it doesn't take itself so freakin' seriously. It's hilarious. And I'm able to enjoy it for a lot of the same reasons I enjoy Community. And we're all well aware of how much I love Community. The pop culture references abound, my friends. If you have the means, take a look at Psych. The first 5 seasons are available on the Netflix. Season 7 starts soon on USA. So I'm hoping Netflix will add season 6 even sooner so I can get completely caught up.

The other series is one I'm still working on. I'm getting close to the end, but now that I'm back to work, it may take a bit longer. That show is Friday Night Lights. By the time I finished the first full season, I was asking myself why I didn't watch this show when it first began on NBC. Watching the lives of Coach Taylor and his wife is very inspiring. I know they're fictional characters, but seeing how they are with the kids in their high schools makes me want to do my job as a counselor even better. So that's another one to check out if you haven't before. All 5 seasons are currently available on the Netflix. I might even be a little sad when I get to the series finale.

I've got tons of shows and movies in my instant queue that I'm sure I'll never get around to. Unless I have another insane hiatus from work like I've had over the last few weeks. But that's not the ideal situation, you know?

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  1. FNL! You already know my obsession with this show! Keep on keeping on! I ALWAYS bawl like a baby when I watch the last episode. I love it! :)

  2. I love love love Friday Night Lights!!

    FYI - FNL was filmed in Austin, TX and I got to be an extra a couple of times. I even saw myself on one of the episodes.

    To see a picture:

    I haven't tried Psych yet... I need to put it on my queue.

  3. Clear heads, strong hearts...