Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Single Guy Gets There First

There are a few things that the Single Guy has had to get used to in his time at his new school. One of those things is his new work space.

At his previous school, the Single Guy felt a lot like he was shoved into a closet. The room that was used as a "therapeutic" and "safe space" was approximately 5 feet by 6 feet. It was small. It felt less like a therapeutic safe space and more like a small area that would induce claustrophobia in Harry Houdini.

In the current location, the Single Guy and his clients have a huge area. Okay, it's not the size of a football field, but comparatively speaking, it's enormous. It's a stage that's no longer used for anything in particular. Except for us.

Despite the Single Guy's extreme like of the new space, it's very unfamiliar. Today was the first day that the Single Guy was the first to arrive. And he arrived in a very dark place.

Being unfamiliar with his new surroundings, he was unsure where to find the light switch. So for about the first ten minutes of his day, he stumbled around in the dark. He felt out his way to his desk and put down his things. He ate a little breakfast and waited around for a co-worker to come and show him the light.

It didn't happen.

The Single Guy felt a lot like the Phantom of the Opera, creeping around behind the curtain on the stage before the lights came on to reveal the performers. But there were no performers. No songs to be sung. No lines to be read. Just the Single Guy sitting alone in the dark.

Don't worry. He found the light switch. Eventually. And it was in a pretty obvious place. Which just made the Single Guy feel so much better about his intelligence at the start of his school day.

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