Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Single Guy and the First Day of School

It's been a long time since the Single Guy has gotten excited about the first day of school. There was a time, once upon a time, when the Single Guy actually looked forward to that fateful September day when he would be able to break out the new school supplies and strap on that brand new pair of shoes. See, when he was a kid, the Single Guy didn't have too many friends who lived close by. So that meant that all of his school friends were far away from him during the summer. So his summers weren't that awesome.

Life is different as an adult. This year, after working in a school, summer vacation took on a whole new meaning. Not that the Single Guy went on vacation. He worked. Spent most of his summer break in school. Not real school, but it was fairly equivalent to real school.

Today was the first day of real school for the school year. Seemed kind of early to the Single Guy, but why complain about the chance to go back to work and actually receive a decent paycheck?

He's in a new school this year. New things tend to make the Single Guy a little uncomfortable. After all, who loves change? You get used to a thing and you tend to enjoy it. Because it's comfortable. It's that old mattress that's molded to your shape because you sleep in the same position every night for five years. That was a bad example. Old mattresses get uncomfortable. Springs get out of place. You start waking up with a bad back and convince yourself that it's just old age because you're too cheap to buy a new mattress.

But the new school is a real issue. That means the Single Guy has to get to know new teachers and new students and new administration. It took him a few months to grow comfortable with the teachers he got to know at his previous school. So, the plan is to be completely happy with his new situation just in time for Christmas break.

He's working with new counselors. Well, they're not new counselors. They've been at this school for years. But they're new to him. And they're already planning to set the Single Guy up with one of the teachers at the school. But the Single Guy isn't sure he wants to stroll down that path again. The last time he fell for a teacher he worked with didn't turn out so great.

But today he was stopped by the other counselors in the hallway, just outside the teachers' lounge. "There she is! In the lounge! Making copies!" exclaimed counselor number one.

"Oh! Well, why don't I just run right in there and ask her out?!"

It's the first day, folks. Let's try to keep our eye on the ball. The Single Guy has a lot to juggle with career and moving and getting to know his new clients. Dating a TA that he doesn't know at all isn't exactly on the menu right now. Talk to him again after Christmas break. You know, when he's finally comfortable hanging around his new school.

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