Friday, June 15, 2012

The Single Guy and the Potbellied Pig

Field trips are nothing new for the Single Guy. Especially not in his new/old career.

Prior to the end of the school year, you may recall, the Single Guy spent time on a couple of the kindergarten field trips. One was a visit to a local greenhouse to show the kids how plants and trees show signs of growing as spring begins. The other took place at the recycling center as an extension of some of the things the children learned about on Earth Day.

Well, not on Earth Day. That was a Sunday this year. School children learn nothing from the public school system on Sundays.

Anyway, the Single Guy is currently working a summer program as a part of his counseling job. Each Friday, the participating children get the chance to go on a fun day trip to exotic locations like the skating rink or a bowling alley. Today's trip took him and his kids to a local petting zoo.

Really, the "zoo" was more of a farm than anything else. Sure, each different type of animal had different pens. So in that sense, it was kind of like a zoo. But it all took place on a vast expanse of farmland.

There were more goats in one place than the Single Guy had ever seen before. But it wouldn't take much to impress the Single Guy, seeing as how he spent his whole life living in the city, away from farms and livestock. There were also a lot of chickens. Many different kinds of chickens. And roosters seemed to crow from every possible direction.

The Single Guy fed a donkey and a miniature horse. The horse's name was Rose, but all he could think about was Lil' Sebastian. That's a Parks & Recreation reference for those of you keeping track.

But let's not lose focus. The Single Guy wasn't there to see these animals for himself. He was there to chaperone a bunch of small children. And they were all enthralled by the many animals spread throughout the property.

The kids fed the goats and made their way to the llamas. Much to the Single Guy's chagrin, the llamas didn't spit on anyone. Not that he wanted the kids to freak out when an animal spit on them, but it would have been kind of awesome to see it happen.

One little girl became somewhat attached to some of the animals. Thankfully, it wasn't like that time the Single Guy took a tour of that chocolate factory where that girl just kept screaming about all the things she wanted to take home with her. But the Single Guy had to admit that he kind of wanted a potbellied pig by the end of the trip.

But no animals would be leaving the farm this day. Which is actually a very sensible ending to this story. Because the Single Guy lives in an apartment that will not allow him to have pets without forcing him to pay a ridiculous fee attached to his rent. The pig will be much happier on the farm.

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